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2. 土庫國小簡介英文版

Tu-Ku Elementary school introduction


Exceptional background and Present situation

Tu-Ku Elementary school was located in an extremely geographical position. Since the school has been created, we have a lot of brilliant alumni, such as doctor, justiciary, artist, entrepreneur and so on.

  However, because of social vicissitude and people migration, we can’t keep the student stay. Tu-Ku Elementary school has 7 classes, 77 students, 14 teaching and administrative staffs, it is an edge school to cut down. But we still adhere to educational essence and curriculum develop to teach students with educational enthusiasm.


  • Specialized viewpoint of Tu-Ku
  • Visionhumanity, nature, and activity.
  • ActionEducation is ART.Actions, renew, tops

          Actionsculture, worldview, community.

          Renewthe organization transformed, transformation, intelligence.

          Topsnative, prospect, sustainable development.


The characteristics of Tu-Ku

  The “Zhu-Ma-Zhen” of Tu-Ku Elementary school

        “Zhu-Ma-Zhen” has a great history in Tuku Village, Sinying City, Taiwan County. It came from the Mainland China on the year of about 1732A.D and has been remained here for over 260 years.

       The original group of  “Zhu-Ma-Zhen” contain 12 men.They used bamboo, paper and paint to make colorful models of Chinese 12 Zodiac-which means 12 animalsmouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pigand put them on during performance. However, these old and traditional models has been substituted by costumes nowadays. Each person of the group have to put a green leaf in the mouth and say some magic spells in mind to drive away the ghosts. So, the actors in the group are seen to be the protector of the Tu-ku Village.

      “Zhu-Ma-Zhen” has its great value in fork art and traditional cultural. As people say, it’s not only ”The only of the couny” but also “The special of the world”. It’s really such a tuff matter for the students in Tu-Ku Elementary school to learn such a skill as for traditional keeping developing and educational studies.

  • Reading

To develop children’s intelligence, we encourage children to read.It need long time to form the habit of reading. Students can read by school activities, such as “story telling”, “Newspaper reading”, readind corner”, “parents and children’s studying group”. We hope students may read in the campus and their family, and promotes their reading ability.


  • Chinese chess

The mathematical logic is the foundation of all the science.Besides developing the basic capability of math, we also apply it in daily living. We set up many place to let the students play Chinese chess, by way of playing Chinese chess, students can acquired the ability of clam pondering. Now, Chinese chess is the most important leisure activity of Tu-Ku in student’s free time.


  • Ecology

It’s an important ability that human and nature peacefully coexist peacefully.Tu-Ku plans curriculums with the viewpoint of sustainable development and constructs a good learning environment for students to learn. Our curriculums include ”community visit”, “knowing the campus plants” …etc. We use all kinds of environment resources and different teaching methods to make our students learn happily.


  • “The lion dance”

       Lion dance has been regarded as a kind of lucky sign in Chinese society and it always plays an important role in celebrations or festivals in temples or shrines. During the performance, the great sound of durm and gong goes with the moving steps from actors. They link and lay out many active stories under the main constructions –the different feelings such as delighted, angry, sad, happy, movable and silent.

       To propose the aim”Every student has a skill; every school has a fork art.” And to keep and develop the great traditional fork, we establish the group of lion dance. Beside, we also invite “Jin-Seng, Fang”, who won the Ministry of Eduction’s Cultural Heritage Award for the folk are, to be our great main coach.

       Students in our school now have great interest in joining the lion dance group and their parents also willingly support them to develop this folk are. Now, lion dance is not a shinny speciality of Tu-Ku Elementary school, but also an important lesson for all the kids here.


  • Educational value realization

The education is the project of love. We hope our children can learn hoe to love themselves, to be concerned with other people, to get along with nature from Tu-Ku Elementary school. We also correct various resources to bred student up as outstanding person. That is the gold we are striving toward.